Honor Barker

Honor Barker


Honor joined Team DE at the start of 2023. She grew up locally to DE HQ, and has ridden since the age of three. She spent much of her younger years enjoying great success within the Heythrop Pony Club, and was a regular on the National U18 Teams. In 2015, at just 14 years old, Honor won the Pony Club Eventing Style Bursary and was part of the Pony Club Rider Development Pathway. This set her up to win the Pony Club Open Eventing League that same year. Honor has gone on to work for a several international event riders and competed up to Intermediate/3* on her own horses. With her HGV under her belt, Honor spent 2022 freelancing within the equine industry to widen her knowledge, and is now training and competing the Dassett Eventing horses as they are prepared for sale.


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