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**Covid-19 Update: 5th January 2021**

The BHS has released the following advice;

The Government guidance states that you can travel to work where you cannot work from home, but the overarching message of the lockdown is to stay at home. We advise that Coaches should:

  • Travel to work where they are unable to work from home.
  • You can continue to exercise clients’ horses providing this activity starts and finishes from where the horse is kept.
  • Read the Government guidance and assess whether face to face coaching is a necessity.
  • Only undertake1 to 1 instruction at the location where the horse is kept. Arena or facility hire is not permitted.
  • Where a coach has their own facility they should only coach clients where the horse lives on site. Clients and horses should not be travelling for lessons.
  • At all times ensure COVID secure practices are observed.
  • Check with their insurance provider before undertaking any activities.

1-2-1 lessons with the Dassett trainers can continue at Dassett Eventing for those with horses based here, following the advice these horse owners already adhere to when visiting their horses.

The Dassett trainers can potentially travel to train you at the arena where your horse is kept when the yard is has an appropriate Covid safe policy and the trainer is happy to do so.


When time permits, Kate, Hayley and Craig are available for lessons and clinics. These range from single sessions focussing on one particular phase, to residential clinics which run over several days providing training in all disciplines. These sessions are designed to enable both horse and rider to achieve their goals, whilst also being great fun.



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