Training & Clinics

Training & Clinics

**Covid-19 Update: 26th July 2020*

Private lessons and clinics with the Dassett trainers are continuing, as long as the following is strictly adhered to;

  • Please sanitise your hands on arrival.
  • Everyone coming on site must remain on the hardcore area.
  • Only the person having the lesson may leave the hardcore area, and they can only do so when mounted to enter the arena(s).
  • Only your DE trainer can collect droppings from he arena and adjust the jumps.
  • Please collect your horse’s droppings / hay from the hardcore area using your own equipment as usual and take this home with you.
  • All payments must be made by BACS. ┬áDetails will be sent to you via text prior to your lesson.
  • There will be no toilet, bathroom or food / drink facilities available.


When time permits, Kate, Hayley and Craig are available for lessons and clinics. These range from single sessions focussing on one particular phase, to residential clinics which run over several days providing training in all disciplines. These sessions are designed to enable both horse and rider to achieve their goals, whilst also being great fun.



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