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Preparing to start competing

By Sligo Candy Boy

Dassett Eventing

This quality and athletic horse was bought early in his 4yo year and enjoyed this year at grass.

Jim is such an athletic type but has continued to grow upwards! He still has a lot of filling out to do, but combines movement and jump to be a very exciting horse for the future – he is Sue’s ‘pick’ for the Olympics one day!

As with all of our 5yo, Jim has been turned away for a couple of months last spring to reduce numbers at DE HQ through this Covid-19 crisis. Frustratingly, a kick to a hind cannon bone during this time ruled him out of action during last summer, but he had enough training to get him all set for 2021.

Jim should be a serious contender on the eventing scene, despite needing time to fully mature. We are very excited to see this stunning horse progress.


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