What it takes to feed a Dassett Horse

Posted on 21st January 2019 by Lauren Hammond

Dodson and Horrell have been supplying feed for the horses at Dassett Eventing for over a decade. Working closely with performance horse nutrition specialist, Annie Hocks, we are able to tailor each individual horses’ diet to suit their needs. I feel this is key to allowing each horse to perform at its very best.

I am a believer in allowing your horses to be fed as naturally as possible – this keeps them happy and healthy mentally an physically. Meaning that they are able to compete at the very top of their game.

A key aspect of natural feeding is ensuring plenty of fibre. At Dassett Eventing we feed ad-lib hay or haylage. Not only does this reduce the risk of ulcers, but is also means we very rarely see unwanted behaviours such as cribbing or weaving.

Another aim of ours is ensuring the horses are turned out as much as possible. We are lucky to have individual turnout paddocks meaning each horse can go out every day or night. As well as getting goodness from the grass, it means our horses are less likely to be fresh when ridden and keeps their muscles and joints gently moving, keeping them soft and supple, even as they get older.

Because our horses are busy training and competing regularly, I ensure they receive electrolytes whenever they require them. This is because the salt and minerals which are lost during sweating are in fact paramount to the correct function of nerves, muscles and vital organs. All things which are so very important in keeping our event horses in optimum condition to get the best results possible.

At Dassett Eventing, we believe in giving our horses the best conditions in which to thrive and perform. What you put in to your horse equates to what they are able to give you whilst performing. This is why we put time, knowledge and care into ensuring each horse has the very best nutritional support available to them.

Lauren Hammond

Posted by Lauren Hammond

Travelling Manager

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