Offchurch Bury

Posted on 26th July 2020 by Kate Rocher-Smith

On our second weekend of eventing, we headed just down the rode to the local event, Offchurch Bury. I have to say, Llyod Hunt and his team have done a fantastic job of developing this event and the considerably altered XC track was a pleasure to ride yesterday. I had Lesley Rocher and Sheena Hawkin’s Dassett Showgirl (Lola) in the BE100 and Alice Rocher had her own Dassett Code (Smartie) in the OBE100.

Lola had one very naughty moment in her dressage test, when she told me off for not letting her scratch her nose on her foot! But apart from that, did a lovely test for a score of 30. She jumped a much improved and more confident SJ round to easily leave all the coloured poles up and add nothing to her dressage score. I’m delighted to say she was so much more confident XC and jumped a storming clear round to finish one second inside the time and take 6th place. This is the first time I think she really ‘got’ the XC and it lite a fire in her belly – she had an absolute blast!

Smartie did a good test but Alice thought he could perhaps have been a bit more connected, and we were a little disappointed with a score of 35. They went on to jump the best SJ round Smartie has ever jumped – it was a text book clear! They were having a wonderful spin XC until the third from last – a large step down. After last week’s confusion at a step (at Aston), it seems Smartie decided taking a double look off a step is what you are meant to do…it is not! Very annoyingly they picked up jumping faults here, which marred an otherwise great round. I think Smartie will be off for some step practice before his next outing…!

Kate Rocher-Smith

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