Posted on 6th September 2020 by Sue Tomlinson

With a busy bank holiday weekend of events ahead of us consisting of 10 horses due to compete over 5 days at 2 different venues under 5 seperate jockeys, we were grateful for the opportunity to get ahead of the game with a nice and early 3.30 alarm call for Keysoe on Friday morning!!!

Craig stepped into the role of driver / trainer / groom for the day as he and Amelia (MiMi) headed off with Dassetts Rock Star (Rocky) and Select (JJ) for the Novice and Boleybawn Dassett Cruise (Joey) for the Intermediate.

The novice sections were up first with the boys producing their normal smooth and accurate tests. Rocky was rewarded with yet another great mark of 25, however we were a little disappointed with JJ ’s score of 34 but with lots to play for in the jumping phases all was not lost!

Two beautiful clear rounds jumping followed which put a broad smile on MiMi’s face as she has been afflicted by a minor case of last-fenceitus recently, so she was very happy to move onto XC with nothing to add!!

Mr Perfect Pants Dassett Select was up first and put in a faultless performance to come home with just a handful of time to add. Having jumped round this tough track clear last year as a 5yr old it was great to see him popping round like the pro that he is finishing up in 10th spot and gaining that all important point qualifying him for the 6YO National Championships at the end of the year. Well done JJ!

Mr Fancy Pants also gave MiMi what she described as her best round to date on him XC which was unfortunately marred by a moment of miscommunication and slight exuberance resulting in his first XC fault EVER!! It had to happen some time but being the first of our #super6s to record a fault xc is something Rocky is very embarrassed about!  Having jumped up the step and out over the shoulder brush he was sure he was done, sighting that all important C element on a tight turn moments too late.  Quickly rectified he carried on flying around the rest making the whole thing feel very easy.  Unfortunate timing as the mistake cost him the win but great things are not too far away for both of these talented young superstars.

On to Joey and an improved way of going on the flat at home is starting to show through in competition with another very respectable test to score 33 in the Intermediate. With still more to give we really feel he is on the verge of tapping into a few more of those higher marks and that a 20s test at this level is well within his reach.

Unfortunately today wasn’t quite his day in the jumping phases a spook at the flower pots on the way into the final treble put pay to an otherwise good jumping round meaning we moved onto XC with 8 faults to add.

Joey was having an absolute ball, flying all the big jumps and tricky combinations with ease and MiMi felt sure she was on her way to yet another trademark Joey clear. However, the large brush box skinny in the middle of the new water complex was clearly housing some sort of demon as having entered the water some distance away he took a dislike to the box and sensing that he just plain didn’t understand the question MiMi put her hand up to retire for another day.

This very uncharacteristic reaction from a horse who has never questioned or said no to anything in his life serves to remind us all what these amazing creatures do for us every day based on purely trust alone. It’s so important that we never take them for granted and keep training and educating them regardless of what level they are competing at.  A couple of schooling sessions and a bit of homework done and we are confident Joey will be back on track having gained that vital bit more experience … always…..just after he needed it!!!!!

Sue Tomlinson

Posted by Sue Tomlinson

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