Alice Harrison has joined Team Dassett

Posted on 5th February 2019 by

Hi there, my name is Alice and I’m one of the newest members of the Dassett Eventing team and have joined as Trainee Yard Manager. I’ve been working here since October last year and have loved my job so far. My role involves managing the smooth running of the whole yard, which with 27 stables and 8 staff member is certainly keeping me busy! I maintain a clean, horse (and human) friendly yard at all times during the day and keep on top of washing all our equipment for maximum comfort for the horses. Alongside the riders I help prepare the horses for at home training as well as off-site adventures!

Recently, with the cold weather affecting the horses’ daily training, I have used this opportunity to learn how to clip. Although I have worked for previous riders before, I’ve never needed to clip horses or ever been taught. Over the past two days I’ve really been working on my confidence in myself when clipping a horse, as I would often worry I may do something wrong. It seems to be paying off and the horses are all looking very smart. This is just one of many skills I am able to learn and progress in at Dassett Eventing and I am looking forward to learning many more and to becoming a valued member of the Dassett Team.

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