Advanced Class


CONGRATULATIONS to our Dassett Eventing Advanced 8/9 Year Old 2017 winner..!
Adding just 4.8 time faults to their fabulous dressage score of 28, Andrew and Swallow Springs finished just over a pole in front of 2nd place Paul Tapner and his ride Counterparty. The top two were closely followed by Dan Jocelyn and Holly Woodhead who finished 3rd and 4th respectively (with Holly even taking 5th spot too!) and the top 10 once again reads like a "who's who" of the eventing world!   
Well done everyone!
1st - Andrew Nicholson SWALLOW SPRINGS
2nd - Paul Tapner COUNTERPARTY
4th - Holly Woodhead MR SNEEZY 
7th - Arthur Chabert GOLDSMOTHS IMBER
8th - Ros Canter - LAS VEGAS 200
9th - Ros Canter - PENCOS CROWN JEWEL
10th - Julie Tew - SIR PERIROSE
We would also like to extend huge thanks to Antares, Fairfax & Favor, Noble Outfitters & Protexin for their very generous donations to our prize pool.


Congratulations to our Dassett Eventing Advanced 8/9 Year Old 2016 winner...





Finishing on their fabulous dressage score of 29, the pair finished with just over a pole in hand to the lovely Izzy Tayor and Cooley Top Cat and former DE rider Tom Jackson and Dusty II both finishing on 33.5 after Tom added 2 XC time faults to his impressive 31.5 dressage score.

Well done everyone!



1st Oliver Townend ULISES

2nd Izzy Taylor COOLEY TOP CAT

3rd Tom Jackson DUSTY II

4th Pippa Funnell BILLY CUCKOO

5th Laura Collett PAMERO 4

6th Matthew Heath ONE OF A KIND II

7th Pippa Funnell MAJAS HOPE

8th Andrew Nicholson SWALLOW SPRINGS


10th Katie Preston TEMPLAR JUSTICE

11th Jessica MaKie ASK THE BOSS

12th Laura Collett COOLEY AGAIN

13th Caroline Harris BILLY BUMBLE

14th Daniele Bizzaro VALLERA DEL FERRO

15th Imogen Murray IVAR GOODEN

16th Willa Newton CHAMPIONS DYNAMO


We would also like to thank Antares, Noble Outfitters and Sock Mine for their generous donations to our prize pool.





Congratulations to our 2015 winner...





Ian stole the show and is both a popular and well deserved winner.




Thank you so much to everyone who helped sell and buy the DE Fuzzy Bugs this year for our 2 charities...


The Bobby Robson Foundation

A cancer charity inspired by event rider Ben Hobday


MPN Voice

A Blood cancer charity inspired by Kate's aunt Sheena Hawkin


We raised just over £2000!!!!  THANK YOU!


See if you can spot yourself on our 2014 Video!



2nd Gemma Tattersall DINKY INKY



5th Gubby Leech XAVIER

6th Fiona Breech CARTOON IV

7thTyler Cassells GRANDSLAM

8th Sam Griffiths FAVORIT Z

9th Pippa Funnell SANDMAN 7

10th Carrie Byrom DETECTIVE


12th Emily Philp CAMEMBERT

13th Helen Waterhouse MASTER DOUGLAS

14th Hayley Wright DASSETT COOLEY DUN

15thJanet Clarke GOT THE FLIGHT

16th Micheal Winter LUCULLUS

Congratualtions to all prize winners it was a fabulous competition and we hope you and your team enjoyed the prizes!


10/07 2014: Charlotte is doing a great job of wrapping the prizes, making them look beautiful in Dassett Eventing colours! Wonder who the lucky prize winners taking these home will be?!



We are very much looking forward to our annual event at Aston le Walls this year. All preparations are coming together with the usual goody bags being prepared as well as all the lovely prizes! We currently have 66  entries and of them we have 4 of our own Dassett horses, which is very exciting and Hayley and Craig both take on their first advanced on some very pormising young horses. 

We look forward to seeing you all there!


Sunday 21st July 2013

It is with huge excitement that we congralatute the winner of our section... Izzy Taylor (again!) Izzy took the top prize from this section last year too! She had a storming round, finishing on her dressage of 33.4.

The team at DE were absolutley delighted to see Blyth Tait and Dassett Courage up there in the placings, well done guys.

Thank you so much for your entry into this section and we very much look forward to welcoming your entry next year.




Placing  Rider Horse Score
1 Izzy Taylor VANIR KAMIRA 33.4
2 Paul Tapner INDIAN MILL 35.3
3 Giovanni Ugolotti CULT REWIND 36.9
4 Pippa Funnell BILLY BEWARE 38.5
5 Aoife Clark FENYAS ELEGANCE 39.4
6 Kristina Cook STAR WITNESS 40.8
7 Jonelle Richards FAERIE DIANIMO 40.9
8 Louise Harwood JENGA II 41.1
9 Andrew Nicholson VISCOUNT GEORGE 42.1
10 Ian Wills SAY I DO 42.6
11 Nicky Roncoroni STONEDGE 43.1
12 Nicola Wilson ANNIE CLOVER 46.5
13 Dan Jocelyn HAOKONN 47
14 Nicola Wilson BELTANE QUEEN 48.6
15 Jo Ward PRIMITIVE DATA 49.1
16 Blyth Tait DASSETT COURAGE 52.8
17 Lucy Wiegersma MR CHUNKY 53.8
18 Aoife Clark ARLANDO 54.1
19 Sarah Stretton FIGARO VAN HET BROEKXHOF 55.4
20 Jo Aston TEMPLE KING 56.1

Saturday 20th July 2013

And so we start again, the remaining dressage has kicked off this morning...

Here is a shot of our prize table, looking good, we think you'd agree...?



Friday 19th July 2013

What a glorious day today at Aston. Team Dassett have been out in force, from assisting handing out the starter packs, to a bit of eventing themselves. Today has seen the majority of the 8/9 YO Advanced Dressage, on the surface. The current leader is Tom Robinson and Aldorro, good luck for tomorrow Tom!! 

We are particually looking forward to tomorrow, so watch this space for further updates. 

May we take this opportunity to wish all competitors the very best and thank you for your entry. Remember Pimms and Nibbles for all starters at our base, outside the score tent in the tradestands area! 

Here is Jessica looking cool at her first Advanced event. I am sure that there will be many more to come! 


Thursday 18th July 2013

Here at Dasseing Eventing HQ we are all prepared for, what we very much hope, will be a top weekend of Eventing at Aston le Walls. We have spent the last few weeks getting everything ready to go (mainly the lovely prizes as well as goodie bags (or buckets) for each starter)


As you may, or may not know, Kate was the brain power behind this 8/9 YO Advanced section, and as Aston le Walls is our local event, she first asked Ann and Nigel if they would be prepared to host, obviousult they were delighted. This was back in 2010, and now we have noticed that other events have followed our lead and are running similar sections- not sure if they are as generous with their prize pots though! 


We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow at Aston, and may we take this opportunity to wish you the very best of luck, and remember your sun cream, it's going to be another scorcher! 


For the third year running, Dassett Eventing is proud to be hosting their 8/9 year old Advanced Class at Aston le Walls.

The provisional timetable is Dressage Friday 20th July, Show Jumping and Cross Country Saturday 21st July.

As usual there will be all of the usual goodies, treats and gifts to be snapped up, including cash prizes and £1000 to the winner!

For more details, please go to British Eventing


We were thrilled once more to be putting on our Advanced section for 8 and 9 year old horses at Aston-le-Walls. As with last year, we put up a heap of extra prizes for owners, grooms and riders, as well as extended prize money and goodie bags for all starters!

The class was once more popular, and was a fabulous show case of future talent. Congratulations must go to Andrew Nicholson, who secured top spot on board Mrs Deborah Sellar’s 8 year old gelding, Quimbo. The rest of the score board also read extremely well, with a whole host of exciting prospects working their way up to the top of the sport.

Thank you to everyone who supported our section.


Top prize at the inaugural Dassett Eventing Advanced 8/9 year old section at the Aston-le-Walls event on 23rd to 24th July 2010, was scooped by top eventer, Mark Todd. On board his own, NZB Regent Lad, Todd finished on his dressage score of 29.3.

As well as winning the £1000 first prize, he also claimed the special prize for the highest placed Irish horse, awarded in recognition of Dassett Eventing’s strong association with Irish sports horses. As owner of NBZ Regent Lad, Mark also bagged a full luxury food hamper and his groom gained their well deserved HMV vouchure!

Warwickshire based Dassett Eventing specialises in sourcing, producing, eventing and selling top quality Irish horses. “I am delighted with the interest in this class – we had a large number of entries and it is so encouraging for British Eventing to see so many top class young horses performing well at this level” commented Kate Rocher, owner of Dassett Eventing.


Money and prizes were awarded down to 19th place, and here are the winners…

1st – NZB REGENT LAD + Mark Todd(NZL): 29.3 / 0 / 0,0(6:00) = 29.3
2nd – MR CRUISE CONTROL + Andrew Nicholson(NZL): 26.6 / 4 / 0,2.8(6:09) = 33.4 
3rd – VALIANCE + Aoife Clark(IRL): 35.7 / 0 / 0,0(5:58) = 35.7
4th – FLYING MACHINE + Piggy French: 30.9 / 4 / 0,1.6(6:06) = 36.5
5th – OPLITAS + Andrew Nicholson(NZL): 32.9 / 4 / 0,0(5:59) = 36.9
6th – TREASON + Sarah Cohen: 32.7 / 0 / 0,5.2(6:15) = 37.9
7th – BILLY LANDRETTI + Pippa Funnell: 33.9 / 0 / 0,5.6(6:16) = 39.5
8th – ON YOUR MARKS + Jo Chipperfield: 36.4 / 0 / 0,3.2(6:10) = 39.6
9th – APPLEJACK II + Ruth Edge: 31.6 / 4 / 0,4.4(6:13) = 40.0
10th – URBANUS II + Jonathan Chapman: 33.2 / 0 / 0,8.8(6:24) = 42.0
11th – HOPE COVE + Jeanette Brakewell: 35.7 / 0 / 0,10.4(6:28) = 46.1
12th – DHI VITESSE + Brook Staples(AUS): 31.3 / 0 / 0,14.8(6:39) = 46.1
13th – VIKING + Charlie Pickman: 35.4 / 8 / 0,4.0(6:12) = 47.4
14th – WICKSTEAD DIDGERIDOO + Paul Tapner(AUS): 34.6 / 4 / 0,10.8(6:29) = 49.4
15th – KILRONAN + Paul Tapner(AUS): 34.5 / 4 / 0,11.2(6:30) = 49.7
16th – WOODFALLS COMET + Lucy Wiegersma: 38.6 / – / 0,11.2(6:30) = 49.8
17th – WESTERN AMBASSADOR + Katie Barber: 38.0 / 6 / 0,6.0(6:17) = 50.0
18th – TASS + JP Sheffield: 38.0 / – / 0,12.0(6:32) = 50.0
19th – WILLY DO + Lucy Jackson(NZL): 35.4 / – / 0,14.8(6:39) = 50.2

The ‘Best irish Horse’ was awarded to…
1st – NZB Regent Lad + Mark Todd

Notable double clears also went to the following…
21st – Gran Chaco + Matt Heath
29th – Mr Potts + Louise Skelton
33rd – Oslo + William Fox-Pitt

And the ‘Best Dressage’ went to…
2nd – Mr Cruise Control + Andrew Nicholson with 26.6 or 73.39%


For more information, or for feed back (positive or constructive!) please contact Kate on 01295690261, or via e-mail

Well done to all competitors. We hope you had a great competition and look forward to seeing you next year!