News from January 2014

Missions Accomplished

28th January 2014

I am very pleased to report our missions of not humiliating the eventing world and not requiring a test reader to clarify what moves we were on were both accomplished!

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First Show of 2014!

24th January 2014

Can it really be that time of year already?!?  It seems we only just emptied the lorry post season, and now it's all loaded up again!  The novelty of the first 2014 show goes to a group of the yard's dressage reprobates, so anything is possible with that crowd...

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Getting Off the Ground

20th January 2014

With the first jump for some of the older gang completed drama free, we feel the new season is on it's way.

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Temporary Help Needed!

13th January 2014

Following a skiing accident for one of our team, we are desperately looking for someone to take over travelling duties for the next 4 - 8 weeks...please help!

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Dassett Saratoga selected for World Class Equine Pathway!

8th January 2014

We are pleased to report Dassett Saratoga got a letter through the post last month, informing us that he has been selected for the World Class Equine Pathway programme this year!  We have no doubt he will benefit tremendously from the expert training provided, and look forward to getting going at the end of January.

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Welcome Back Horses and Staff!

5th January 2014

All back to work today and it is from here the build up begins to the start of the 2014 season, and what a season it looks set to be...

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New Year Resolution!

2nd January 2014

For 2014 a New Year's resolution is to update the News feed much more regularly!

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